Over the last 20 years, Cornwall Technologies (CWT) is at the heart of innovation. We see challenges as opportunities, turning your problems into solutions. With this user-driven mindset, we help drive Digital Transformation across both the public and private sector in Singapore.

CWT Services

CWT provides a full suite of services tailored to your organization’s needs, be it a mobile app, an end-to-end system or full-blow digital transformation. At the heart of it is understanding your pain points and leveraging industry-best frameworks to convert them into solutions.

We specializes in:

  • Digital Transformation – Connecting People, Business and Technology
  • Solution-Driven Projects – Leveraging Technology to Solve Everyday Problems
  • Application Development – Delivering End-to-End Applications for Your Needs

CWT Products

ConstCare is a resource-driven management tool developed to solve project management and staffing issues. At CWT, we understand the pains of the construction industry amidst the ongoing disruption. ConstCare brings the main contractors, subcontractors and workers into a unified platform for accessible communication and resource planning.

ConstCare comes with features tailored for the construction industry, such as Digitized Permit to Work, Resource Marketplace, Subcontractor Management, and Construction Site Safety.

CWT AI Initiative

At CWT, we believe the best solutions come from you. Building capabilities as a community ensure that our solutions are always relevant and up-to-date with the industry’s changing needs.

Under the Applied Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative, we bring together industry experts and AI researchers to develop innovative solutions relevant to you.