Video Analytics As a Service (VAaS)

End to end video analytics solution

What We offer

Video Analytics as a Service (VAaS) is a complete solution offered by Cornwall Technologies to help industries make sense of the video data. The solution is delivered as a cloud-based service, allowing for easy and cost-effective access to the benefits of video analytics without the need for costly hardware or software investments. Multiple scalable frontend configurations are readily available for rental, enabling customers to swiftly deploy and reap the advantages of video analytics within a matter of weeks.


Safety Assurance

Road Safety with Speed, Helmet and Plate number Detection; Public Safety with Aggressive Behavior Detection and Danger Zone Monitoring; Construction Safety with PPE Detection and Danger Alert.


Compliance & Regulation

Illegal Parking Detection; Bus Lane Violation Detection; Smoking Detection; Traffic Rules Violation Detection and Regulation checking.



Road Condition Inspection; Facade Inspection; Site Inspection and Patrolling Service with Drone/Robot

Frontend Options

For customers who do not have existing CCTVs or not willing to own any hardware, we provide them with various options for quick deployment.

ConstMVA Stable

Equipped with 200Ah battery and adjustable pole up to 3.5m height. It can fulfill all the video analytics requirements for most of the deployment scenarios. It is ideal for temporary deployment with duration of up to 7 days.

ConstMVA Light

Similar features provided as version Stable. Smaller size and lighter weight make it possible to be deployed by one human being. It is the best candidate for extreme agile deployment with duration of up to 3 days.

ConstMVA Agile

Leveraging on the powerful and extremely small size of camera, permanent deployment for video analytics without disturbing existing infrastructure becomes an option. It also makes Agile video analytics possbile.

ConstMVA Drone

With Drone and video analytics, we can easily survey and inspect buildings and infrastructure; monitor large areas such as borders and power plants; monitor wildlife populations and identify areas of concern.

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