Building an Applied Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) Community

Applied Industrial AI is a manifestation of digitalisation that is transforming industries across the board. The recent explosion in the Internet of Things (IoT) led to increased data streams, and the opportunities are boundless.

Collaborative Research and Development with Domain Experts

The industry is constantly evolving. Today’s solution may no longer be relevant tomorrow. Collaborating with domain experts ensures that the answers are updated and tested by the industry.

The Applied Industrial AI Initiative is a launchpad for new ideas in the industry. It gathers industry experts in a vibrant ecosystem to develop innovative solutions to problem statements relevant to the industry.

Partnering with the AI Community for AI Expertise

To catalyse breakthroughs, CWT partners with the AI community to explore the possibilities of using AI and machine learning to co-innovate solutions for the identified problem statements. Interested in how they envision that AI will transform the industry? Read more to find out.

Industry Panel

A group of industrial companies who are willing to share their challenges and keen to explore the AI ways to address them 

Community Pioneers

Passionate AI experts who believe in sharing and community, pioneers in applying AI to industrial problems